Explicit SLIEK #24: Hermetic Order, Electric Church, 27 Club

SLIEK #24: Hermetic Order, Electric Church, 27 Club

Episode description

Brando and Hider start things out with some current strangeness about NASA's black hole sounds, a doorway on mars, the congressional committee on UFOs, and food recalls. Later in the show, they dive into the history of the Hermetic Order, the philosophy behind The Electric Church, and conspiracy theories about The 27 Club.

NASA Black Hole Sounds

Doorway On Mars

Committee On UFO’s

Mars Wrigley Recalls

Throw Your Skittles Out

Brownie Bites Recall

Skippy Peanut Butter Recall

Walmart Pancake Mix


The Emerald Tablet

Emerald Tablet PDF

Jimi Hendrix On The Electric Church

Jim Morrison’s Dad/Vietnam

27 Club Conspiracies